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About Us

Tulsa Tackle is the official & exclusive online retail partner for Gene Larew Lures, LLC. We are headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., where Gene Larew products are proudly made, and our close proximity to the manufacturing facility allows us to carry all Gene Larew, Bobby Garland and High Tide products. We are an online store only & we do not have a local storefront.

Because Gene Larew Lures directly links to our online store from its web site, we are required to uphold premium pricing on all of its products so we are not in direct competition with the company's other retailers. 

Our standard turnaround time is to ship your order in 3-4 business days. 
To clarify, this does not mean that you will receive your order in 3-4 business days. Sometimes we turn orders around faster than that, but please know that you should expect it to leave our possession 3-4 business days after you place your order. See our Policies page for more information about shipping & delivery, payments accepted, returns, etc.
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